Public plug-in vehicle charging is becoming more challenging than ever. The popularity of plug in vehicles has been outpacing the infrastructure in many areas and many new drivers are not acquainted with how to use good etiquette while charging. Problems arise when all the chargers are taken, EV drivers forget to plug in or overstay in a space, non-plugin vehicles block spaces and when people don’t leave their contact information when they charge. Take Charge and Go has developed tools to help with communication between drivers and spread the word on how to effectively use and share public charging equipment.

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Charging Hangtags
The charging hangtags are a new 2nd generation design being sold exclusively with the EV Etiquette Survival Pack. The hangtags are made from durable 120# recycled Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified recycled paper card stock that are UV coated to resist the elements. The hangers are printed on both sides to indicate whether you are necessity charging (RED - DO NOT UNPLUG WHILE CHARGING) or opportunity charging (GREEN - OK TO UNPLUG).

The color coding makes it easy for fellow EV drivers to tell if they can share the plug
A new and improved keyhole cutout provides a sufficient fit for most J-1772 charging handles that is improved for vehicles with inset plugs such as the Nissan Leaf. A slip-on cutline is provided for easier installation and removal while charging
The red DO NOT UNPLUG side has space to write what time you should be done charging with a dry erase marker or a post it note.

Both sides have a space to leave contact information and provides tips for good etiquette.
Never park in a charging space if you are not charging.
When charging in public, limit your charge, don't charge to your limit. Move on so others have the opportunity to to charge.
Never unplug another car without permission
A QR code and website link are provided for additional information about public EV charging and different car brands charging indicators

EV Blocking Chargers Notice
The EV Blocking Charger Notice was made to address the issue when someone mistakes a charging space as a preferred parking space. EV Charging spaces should only be used for charging. These simple notices lets the offending driver politely know that they are blocking someone else’s ability to charge. The 8 ½ x 3 ⅝ Inch / 22 x 9 cm double-sided cards are printed on 120# white Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified recycled paper card stock. The cards features in bold text “IF YOU ARE NOT CHARGING, THEN YOU ARE BLOCKING” along with a polite note and pointers towards good charging etiquette and a link to the Take Charge and Go website.

I Need a Charge Sticky Notes
The 3 x 3 inch/7.5 x 7.5 cm sticky back notes are pre-printed to request access to an occupied charger. The notes ask to use the charger and include a space to write in your Make/Model,color, License Plate and contact phone/text number.

Also included: a GreenOffice fine point black low-odor dry erase marker made from 100% recycled plastic. The marker can be used to write in your contact info and time of charge on the charging hang tags or to mark the notices or sticky notes.
Instructions for the use of the hang tags, charging notices and charging request sticky notes are printed on recycled mix Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) paper.

All hang tags, notices and sticky notes are designed and manufactured in the United States of America using sustainable practices. The recycled markers are made in China. All orders are processed in a near net-zero California home business powered by solar panels and delivered to the post office in an electric vehicle.

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