Veloz aims to power the electric car movement with an innovative, compelling public message.  To that end, in December 2017, we hired Division of Labor, an advertising agency headquartered in Sausalito, Calif., to develop, test and provide a strategic plan for a brand-inclusive outreach campaign that will inspire Californians to drive electric. 

We are creating a message that is less instructional, prescriptive and “do-gooder” and more about the fun, emotional and significant benefits they will experience by driving electric. We don’t want to encourage people to buy electric cars because they should. We want them to buy electric cars because they are just cooler and more exciting to own.

The strategic planning (Phase 1) will conclude in May 2018 and be followed by implementation of the strategic plan as soon as summer 2018.

A portion of the campaign budget is being used to reach multi-cultural populations, low-income, and disadvantaged communities.

In the fall, Veloz assembled an outreach campaign team made up of Veloz members with expertise in marketing, advertising, public relations and outreach.  This team provided guidance to staff to help them make a recommendation to the Board.

The team will continue to advise Veloz leaders throughout the strategic planning phase and into the implementation phase, set for 2018 and beyond.  Veloz will keep members updated and provide engagement opportunities as the campaign develops.