PG & E Electric Vehicle Rebate


Receive a $500 Clean Fuel Rebate

As an electric vehicle (EV) owner, you're contributing to a cleaner energy future by fueling your vehicle with electricity. PG&E customers with EVs are eligible to receive a $500 Clean Fuel Rebate for their use of electricity as a clean transportation fuel. What does a $500 Clean Fuel Rebate mean for you?

  • $500 is about one year's worth of electricity to fuel your car.
  • $500 can help towards the installation of a Level 2 home charging station.

The Clean Fuel Rebate comes from a State of California program called the Low Carbon Fuel Standard. The goal of the Standard is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transportation by encouraging the adoption of cleaner transportation fuels, including electricity. Thanks to California EV owners like you, the clean electricity used to fuel your EV helps reduce GHG emissions by 66 percent.


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